Magical and Special Items

In a world with understated magic, magic items are rare, which means that spells that buff weapons to make them magical attacks are worthwhile.

Nonetheless, there are special items in this world.  Here are a few of the legendary ones.

Fey and Fiend Artifacts

Most of the Archfey and Archfiends are unable to directly enter the prime material plane.  In order to influence affairs on the prime, they work thru agents (clerics, warlocks, etc.) and they are also able to project some of their spirit into objects.  These artifacts are often mildly sentient with the personality and drives of their respective Archfey/fiend, and give the wearer powers at a price - powers and prices that wax or wane relative to how aligned the bearer is with the artifact.

These artifacts could be a mask, a torq, a ring, a weapon, a helm, etc.  Often when these objects are found, the worshippers/followers collect and venerate those objects in a temple setting.  Some examples of known Archfey/fiend artifacts include ...

  • Ring of Belenus
  • Sword of Tursas
  • Sword of Morrigan
  • Hammer of Goibhniu
  • Sickle of Ahti
  • Mask of Hathor
  • Rod of Pettebhi
  • Mask of the Raven Queen
  • Gauntlets/Cestii of Mannanan