Alston's Lore

Map of Western Shanaria


All characters are level 18 (as of now)

Character NameCharacter ClassPlayer
OliverTabaxi WarlockBrownie
BuddyHuman BardJacob
VanessaTiefling RogueSylvia
RitoElf RangerMartin
BryseisTiefling PaladinLily
AlsonGnome Wizard/Fighter (2)Bryant

Gods & Myths of the Land

  • Laheros the Builder - Life
  • Baheros - Storms
  • Tyche/Tymora - trickster, luck, fortune, music
  • Balerna/Sumeris - wolf, god of battle, justice. 
  • Thoti/Oghma - knowledge
  • Elanis/Elineth/Khalintriss/Synvanus - forests and nature
  • Gil-lahintra/Gilantra - lady of waves
  • Kalorak/Nulfitas - death.  Associated with all kinds of corvids, such as crows, ravens, and jackdaws.
  • Gothmog/Gith-a-mog/Gith-marag - destroyer
  • Cthulu - ??
  • Myth that "god wolf bit the hand from Balerna" could be another thing than "wolf". 
  • Myth that Balerna and Kalorak were "frenemies" and that were together when Balerna lost her hand, and is said to have kept it with him, or stayed near it ever since.
    • Alston's footnote - are we walking around with the Hand of the God of Battle on Oliver, and the Jackdaw avatar of Kalorak on Buddy's shoulder (Nicodemus)?

Plague Witches and Major Agents of Gothmog

  • Vemhiliya - calls all undead to awaken - DECEASED
  • Dryssus - the plague-iest one - DECEASED
    • When young, she was known as Dru and was friends with "Jill" (Gilantra)
  • Dragran, the whisperer, Sister Wind (the one who never died)
  • Radivaster/Rahad-a-vaster
    • Ancient Untherian who seemed to have married into the House of Malengorn of the Broken Isles 1000 ybp, and then also attended a symposium on summoning at the Merigorn Estate 500 ybp.  Somebody said "Radivaster is long dead, and perhaps no more".

The "Halloween Session"

The origin story for most of the villains, and the corrupted earlier-life party from 1000 ybp

  • Nugultheim was Noth-heim the Jewell of the North
  • Baazu (Bryseis) became a death knight (fell in battle against Bryseis)
  • Abaan (Alston) became an undead mage (fell in the battle with Vemhiliya)
  • Veema (Vanessa) - not yet encountered in present times
  • Reegar (Rito) champion of Elineth - never corrupted
  • Bondi/Bandemius (Buddy) became a ghost, was put to rest with the recovery of his cloak from Reegar's grave
  • Hilly (Vemhiliya) tall human with white blond hair
  • Dru (Oliver) became a plague witch (fell at the battle of Deepsport).

The artifact that the pre-party was supposed to be stealing was the "Hand of Matha-lack".  That does not sound like Balerna/Sumeris, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

There was also a human - northerner, ashen faced, dressed in black, wanting an all-black amulet from Raban the trader.  Maybe a Merigorn/Malengorn ancestor?

Teleportation Circles (known)

  • Dragon's Spire
  • Relevar's Tower
  • Merigorn Tower
  • Galantra's Sea Castle
  • Galantra's Mountain Castle
  • Nugultheim, runied alchemy lab