As with all peoples, there are groups of like-minded people foming unions with goals.  There are a variety of "noble" factions (i.e. sponsored by a recognized government of some kind and acting on the will of nobles), religious factions, guilds, and then the many more unofficial factions with their own goals that may not be appreciated, or even understood.  Here is a selection of factions players may encounter.



The Knights of Valrorim are a collection of nobles and knights who claim to protect the kingdom.  They are sponsored by the king of Valrorim, but are not always loved.

The Western Rangers are the semi-official watchers of the Longknife Shire.  They are independent, but have an agreement and are sponsored by Myron Wegrave.

Petalfall are a group of rangers and scouts from the South Shire in the Longknife Marches that ride giant mink and protect the area.


The Old Guard are a secretive group of Ahros nobility trying to stop the decay of the kingdom.  They are openly loyal to the Queen, but secretly trying to figure out the source of the rot.


The Delis Watch is the group of warriors and clerics that watch Bonegate for disturbance.  They are still faithful to that duty, but increasingly seem interested in local Havis and Ahros politics than staring at a broken tower.


The Splatterfists are Varkol Splatterfist's personal guard and elite.  They operate across the area spying and listening.  There are 2 main groups - the Blades (warriors) and the Shades (rogues) - who operate in various roles.


As noted in the Cosmology and Religion page, different Archfey and Archfiends have cults and sects at various levels of canonization.  The following Arch-entities have more developed cults that are united and operate across the Calardith peninsula region.  They each have goals, allies, enemies, and plot/scheme to influence affairs to their advantage.

  • Belenus
  • Oghma
  • Tursas
  • Diancecht
  • Goibhniu
  • Pettibhi
  • Arawn
  • Hathor

The cults that follow the Old Ways & Druidism view the more organized takes on the Archfey and Archfiends as heretical and dangerous to the natural ways.  They think that there overall needs to be a balance of forces in the world, and are not aligned with the single-divinity-to-win ideology they percieve in the more organized sects.  These cults include ...

  • Cernunnos
  • Melikki
  • Ahti
  • Loviatar
  • Manannan
  • Morrigan

While Cernunnos is generally considered the head of the Archfey (after Tiandra, of course), this schism in worship styles is seeing Belenus portrayed more often as the leading Archfey by the organized sects.  (And, is probably signaling a shift in ideas of patriarchy.)


Guilds are unions of skilled labor (tailors, coopers, farriers, smiths, wainwrights, weavers, brewers, inn-keepers, merchants, etc.) that are based in areas of population and loosely connected to eachother across the region.  These are frequent quest-givers and have problems that sometimes cannot be handled in a "traditional" manner.

Additionally, there are the dark guilds - thieves guilds, assassins guilds, adventurers guilds, and the like - that are tolerated but not approved.  A savvy thieves guild actually acts as a form of crime control, as it requires all the crime to be "approved" in the area and punishes unregistered or rogue theives. 

There is some cross-over between faith and method that yeilds monastic sects that act like guilds and have monasteries (monk guilds) across the region.

All guilds have goals and ambitions that are often competitive with eachother or with the nobility.  Guild conflict is usually resolved thru negotiation, but sometimes there is inter-guild fighting.

Colleges and Schools

Like dark guilds, Colleges are gatherings of those seeking knowledge - Bards, Warlocks, and Wizards.  They tend to be in cities with resources, but often overlap with adventurers guilds when looking for agents or muscle to protect a mission to collect artifacts or information.


Of course, there are many secret societies and organizations around the region, all with some purpose or goal.  These may be benign, noble, or malevalent, and they may not be discovered until their plots are deep into unfolding.